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Happiness for Two Dogs – thanks to friends like you.

azeka and Sarah van HeerdenMiracles happen here at the Kloof and Highway SPCA. Just recently two happened and we would love to share this with you!

It all started when a distraught granny, Elizabeth Mazeka, had to hand her two dogs (named ‘Two Dogs’) into our care. They’d been chasing her neighbour’s chickens and he’d threatened to harm the dogs if they weren’t removed.

Afraid for her pets’ safety, granny Mazeka made the tough decision to give them to the Kloof and Highway SPCA … and what an emotional morning that was. When we tried to coax the dogs away from her to lead them into the kennels, they cried and wouldn’t budge. Granny herself was in tears – and so were we.

She urged us to make sure that her precious pets would go to someone who could love and care for them just as she had … but we knew our kennels were full of pets just like Two Dogs. Hearing the cries of this granny and her dogs as they were eventually led away was heart-wrenching.

These painful events stuck in the mind of our operations manager, Sarah, who told some of her friends Two Dogs’ story – and that’s when some good people started coming up with great plans!

Many discussions later, Guy Murray from Container Conversions, supporter Erika Velissariou and Justus van Rees from Green Dot Fencing all joined together to see to it that granny Mazeka’s property was fenced – so her beloved dogs could return home.

We wish you could’ve been there when Two Dogs got home and saw granny Mazeka – they couldn’t contain themselves! We were almost all bowled over as they raced around their home turf with wildly wagging tails, excited whimpers and dozens of kisses.

We couldn’t wait to share this happy story with you because it proves that when good people come together, great things happen for animals! It’s also a wonderful reminder of how – because you care – we can continue to go the extra mile for every animal in our care.

Thank you for believing in us – and in the vision of a kinder future for animals.

P.S  You’re as much a part of our family as our staff, volunteers – and animals. Please come and visit us at the SPCA when you can; and if you’d like to help make more happy tails possible before then, you can donate here. Please be sure to use “Two Dogs” as your reference in the notes and special request.

Thank-you so much once again!


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