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A Puppy Run, with the best facilities for our puppies while they are in our care, has been a dream of our Manager’s, Barbara Patrick, since she first started at the Kloof and Highway SPCA six years ago.

The much anticipated opening of The Patrick’s Puppy Run was celebrated on the 22 October 2014.Thank-you to so many generous donors and supporters of our Society who made this dream a reality.

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The Puppy Unit consists of 10 individual kennels in total. Each unit has underfloor heating ensuring our puppies remain warm and healthy during the cold spells. There is glass frontage for each unit, eliminating any chance of the public gaining access to touch the puppies, and reducing the risk of contamination of diseases.

We invite all our supporters, friends and visitors of the Kloof and Highway SPCA to come and have a look at The Patrick's Puppy Run.

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Each and every animal deserves the best possible care, accommodation, treatment and more importantly love while they are in our care.