The adoption of cats is sadly an area where there are far far too few adoptions, so when someone adopts two kittens or cats together, it really does bring such hope.

Our Kloof and Highway SPCA are always needing more adoptions, however in the past six weeks we have been blessed to have people choose to adopt in pairs. Malibu and Hershey, Ed and Ebony, Grace and Vera, The Cat and Pekin, Tony and Zion, Lizzy and Lenni and Gus and Mac. 

Thank you to everyone who chose to adopt two kittens or cats, it really is so beneficial for them to be adopted in pairs!

Jessica came into the Kloof and Highway SPCA with the express request to meet Grace whom she had seen on the website and was taken with her beautiful eyes. Jessica and her mom, Dorothy went through to have a social with Grace and also looked at the other kittens and cats available for adoption. Jessica fell in love with Grace instantly and it was such a wonderful sight as so few people give the adult cats a second glance and always ooh and aah over the kittens.

A reserve was made on Grace and the mom and daughter went home to send their paperwork through for the adoption process and await the home check. On arrival at home, Dorothy thought about a six-month-old kitten, Vera who had touched her heart with her gentle spirit. The next day they returned and reserved Vera as well. Grace and Vera are now best friends which shows that with love all things are possible – Jessica and her mom chose to really see and understand Grace and Vera who are now part of a beautiful family. 

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