The adoption of cats is sadly an area where there are far far too few adoptions, so when someone adopts two kittens or cats together, it really does bring such hope.

Our Kloof and Highway SPCA are always needing more adoptions, however in the past six weeks we have been blessed to have people choose to adopt in pairs. Malibu and Hershey, Ed and Ebony, Grace and Vera, The Cat and Pekin, Tony and Zion, Lizzy and Lenni and Gus and Mac. 

Thank you to everyone who chose to adopt two kittens or cats, it really is so beneficial for them to be adopted in pairs!

Malibu (now Aurora) and Hershey (now Apollo) were adopted by the Lombard family, as pictured below. Lynette Lombard and her family had not had a cat as a pet until a very tiny feral stray arrived close to death at their home and they decided to take her in. Sadly after a few months, although appearing healthy, Comet unexpectedly passed away and the family were devastated as they had come to love this kitten so much. Comet was so missed and the family realised that their home was not complete without the presence of a feline. After a visit to our cattery and seeing Malibu and Hershey together, the Lombards felt they did not want to split them and decided to adopt them both. The two kittens, now named Apollo and Aurora, soon became firm friends with the family dogs as well as the children.

Lynette says she really believes that Comet was instrumental in teaching them how incredible cats are and she led them to Aurora and Apollo. We never realised how wonderful cats are and such amazing companions. The Lombard children are home schooled and thus the two kittens have really bonded with them.

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