The adoption of cats is sadly an area where there are far far too few adoptions, so when someone adopts two kittens or cats together, it really does bring such hope.

Our Kloof and Highway SPCA are always needing more adoptions, however in the past six weeks we have been blessed to have people choose to adopt in pairs. Malibu and Hershey, Ed and Ebony, Grace and Vera, The Cat and Pekin, Tony and Zion, Lizzy and Lenni and Gus and Mac. 

Thank you to everyone who chose to adopt two kittens or cats, it really is so beneficial for them to be adopted in pairs!

The Cat is a charismatic boy who has a delightful and loving nature. The Cat, despite being a wonderful cat, was sadly overlooked for a while, even though so many people commented how adorable he was. Then one day, Joanna who is retired, walked into the cattery and said I want to adopt two older cats to be my companions. The Cat was the only adult up for adoption and as Joanna walked over to his enclosure he immediately came to ‘woo’ her. Joanna had wanted a ginger cat as well and as there were no ginger adults in the adoption section, she looked at a little ginger female kitten.

The concern was would The Cat who had been on his own in his enclosure be ok with this lively little kitten Pekin (now named Maggie). Well, being the beautiful soul he is, The Cat (now named Thomas) immediately took the kitten under his wing (despite a few scratches to his nose). Today, the pair are together constantly with Joanna, and in her words – “they have brought my life such joy and love, I could never be without them”.

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