We have so many precious kitties looking for homes. Please email us at adoption@kloofspca.co.za or call us on 031 764 1212 to make a time to come view these precious babies and meet your next best friend.

K1 Johnny Cash

This charismatic and strikingly handsome male of 8 months is so deserving of a home. He is very good with other cats and has shared an enclosure with both male and female cats. We think he has some African Wildcat in him.

K1 Timothy

This talkative and inquisitive ginger boy of approximately 20 months is so friendly and loving. Gets on with other cats and loves to have a conversation, so please come and meet him.

K2 Ozzi

This playful boy of 4.5 months will give you so much love and affection.

K2 Ziggy

Shy at first as a little fearful still but a ginger boy of 4.5 months who loves playing with his toys and is gentle natured.

K3 Branson

This ginger and white boy of 8 months is inquisitive, eager to be loved and to return that love. Such a friendly boy who has got on well with other cats.

K3 Mai Ling

Pretty little 3-month-old siamese cross. Very timid currently but just loves to be curled up in your lap purring.

K4 Dorothy

Dorothy is the sweetest, petite female kitten of about 3 months. She is very gentle and just wants to be with a person who will show her love. She will purr the minute you hold her and not want to leave your side. Dorothy has beautiful markings and is waiting for someone to share her love with.

K4 Zack

Zack is a gorgeous fluffy 5-month-old who has a lovely nature and loves to play.

K5 Zazoo

Tabby and white 5 month old male who was rescued from a tree after being stuck for a long time. Zazoo is very friendly and loving.

K6 Lady

Lady is is a striking tortoiseshell young adult female who has a beautiful nature and is very loving.

K6 Leo

Leo is a soft natured, friendly and loving black male kitten of 5 months.

K6 Lizzy

Adorable natured, affectionate 5 month old female kitten.

K7 Katje

Katje is a beautiful young female adult cat, who was rescued with her kitten Oscar when he was very small.

K7 Oscar

Gregarious and so friendly, this little boy came in as rescued tiny kitten with his young mommy Katje. He has now grown and is so healthy and has been waiting with his mom, Katje for someone to come and meet them. He will make a wonderful pet, as will Katje. Please come and meet them soon.

K8 Hazel

Hazel was rescued during the unrest after she was left on the N3 tied tightly in a pillowcase with her little baby of a few weeks. Hazel’s baby, George has just been adopted and Hazel is looking for her forever home. She was a young mommy of probably only 11 months and has so much love to give to whoever chooses her. She is a gentle, kind little lady who so deserves a home after all she has been through.

K10 Grace

Very friendly calico female of approximately 3 years. Will come to greet you and just purr and want to show you love. Will cuddle up with you.

K11 Toby

Very handsome black and white male of about 2 years with a mustache. Toby is a friendly boy who also loves to play.

K12 Winston

Winston is an adult male cat that was brought in some time ago as a stray. He has such a quirky and adorable personality and just wants to be with his forever person who he can love and will be loved. Winston needs to be an only cat and preferably no dogs either.  He is neutered and vaccinated.

K13 Felix

Playful and well socialised and very cute. Roughly 10 week old.

K13 Riffraf

Playful and well socialised and very cute. Roughly 10 week old.

Please email us or call us to make a time to come view these precious babies and meet your next best friend. 031 764 1212 adoption@kloofspca.co.za

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