Tossed out a moving vehicle, only to survive and be adopted into a wonderful, loving home!

Kittens and cats are often treated cruelly, with one of the sad realities being that many are discarded as rubbish or tortured, living a hard life on the streets and suffering daily.

One such kitten arrived at our SPCA, having been tossed out a vehicle with her siblings as a quick way to get rid of them. This little terrified tortoiseshell kitten had the will to live, having survived a traumatic ordeal and deserved to be loved and shown she mattered.

Cardi, as we named her, was put in enclosure K3 with two lively ginger and white male kittens who immediately took to her and the three became playmates in no time. Cardi remained fearful of people, however she would purr in your lap contentedly if you were one of the few who took the time to gain her trust.

Cardi was overlooked by most people as she would hide away, however, one afternoon Angie arrived with her mum Beth Buckland (88 Years old) and her brother Tony for a social to find a kitten or cat to adopt. Beth, who is an avid cat lover, sadly broke both her hips during lockdown.

Two hip replacements later, she is now confined to a wheelchair. Beth lives with her son Tony. Tony and Beth spent time with a few of the kittens and cats up for adoption. That day, Cardi chose them to become her new family. Cardi, now renamed Roxie, is living her best life! She is still shy and wary of strangers but very loving and as her new family comment, “she is beyond adorable”. Roxie snuggles up in the night with Beth, purring and sleeping contentedly. She has become a fine, entertaining, loving little companion to both Beth and Tony.

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