Maicey – Courageous, brave, forgiving, kind and loving!

Maicey is an example of a beautiful spirit that suffered hardship and a lack of any compassion, yet forgave and remained loving.

She had 5 kittens when she was just a kitten herself, having been left unwanted with her small kittens that were then cruelly taken from her once she had been caring for them for a few weeks; sadly, their lives ended. Maicey pined for her babies and yet due to her trusting, forgiving spirit, she still showed love to humans and other animals. Maicey, who was uncomfortable and engorged from not being able to feed , was sterilised at our clinic and put into our adoption section K3, together with an adorable older kitten Max who had been found in the basement parking of Hillcrest Corner (still looking for a home). Maicey displayed her vocal and affectionate nature, regularly grooming Max.

Maicey was probably only just over 4 months when she fell pregnant, yet survived the pregnancy and birth, then looked after her kittens for nearly a month, giving them all her nutrients and love. She was therefore a small statured, thin kitten of only about 8 months old when she was given the chance to go up for adoption. From her demeanor, no one would have realised how much she had been through. Maicey loves her food and soon put on weight and thrived.

The adoption section was full of 9 to 16 week old kittens and a few 6 month olds and Maicey waited patiently for someone to see how amazing she was; then Bev Bates came through. Bev spent a little time with two of the kittens before having a social with Maicey. Maicey curled up on Bev‘s lap and looked up at her purring. Maicey had found her home in Bev.

In Bev‘s words, a day after Maicey was home; “Hi Janine, Maicey is the most amazing cat. She has so much love for humans! She was so affectionate on the drive home. She is not fearful of my dogs and while they were fast asleep at my feet, she came and lay on my lap. She is the kind of cat that I always dreamed of: loving, brave and very dear! Thank you for guiding me to my beloved Maicey.

Another update from Bev, “Maicey plays with the dogs now and is such a beautiful little character – she follows me with the dogs as I walk in the garden and loves to be at my side, reclining in my armchair inside when I am busy teaching piano and just being the most loving little soul.”

It is incredible animals like Maicey that remind us that each animal’s life matters and has the potential to be a beautiful life if given that chance. Keeping compassion and kindness in our hearts is vital; to see their spirit and to do everything in our power to help them to live their best life!

Henry and Patsy

Patsy came into the SPCA looking for an older female cat to adopt. Unfortunately, there were not any in the adoption section.

Patsy was therefore shown the older kittens from 6 months to 10 months who had been put up for adoption. Henry has a charismatic personality and in no time had won Patsy over that he was the cat for her, despite not meeting what she thought was her ideal requisites for her new pet.

Henry is living his best life with Patsy who commented; “He has not stopped purring and needless to say the bed I bought from the SPCA is being ignored as he prefers mine! He sleeps next to me every night and my friend has made him a special box which he loves and spends time in it during the day. What a beautiful boy he is, cuddly yet playful and so loving. He is adorable and I love him to bits.”

From unwanted to loved beyond measure!

Peyton – now named Slinky! A delightful little girl.

Peyton came into our SPCA as one of six unwanted kittens of about 4 to 5 months old. The kittens were so affectionate, loving and quirky and went into the adoption section after being sterilised

Teeny (Norma Grey), her daughter and granddaughter arrived at the SPCA one day to look at the kittens and cats. Teeny had recently relocated and was staying in a stand-alone cottage on her daughter’s property. Teeny loves cats and realised this was what was missing from her new home. Teeny spent a while looking at all the kittens and older kittens, feeling a bit overwhelmed by how many gorgeous ones there were all needing a home.

Little Peyton came up to the glass and looked up at Teeny lovingly. After spending some time with the gentle natured Peyton, who was purring and curling up to Teeny, Teeny and her family decided Peyton was the perfect choice.

Teeny renamed Peyton, Slinky, as she is such a long little cat and wraps herself around things. Slinky loves to sleep in Teeny‘s walker and has decided it is her daybed. Teeny loves her delightful little friend and companion who shares many glorious hours with her. Slinky is always at her side and the pair share a loving bond.

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