We have so many precious kitties looking for homes. Please email us at adoption@kloofspca.co.za or call us on 031 764 1212 to make a time to come view these beauties and meet your next best friend.

K1 Marshal

A charismatic and talkative tux male (approx 12 weeks)

K1 Violet

A gorgeous gently natured fluffy tux (approx 11 weeks)

K2 Avril

A beautiful tabby and ginger girl – affectionate and quaint (approx 10 weeks)

K2 Justin

 A friendly little white male kitten (deaf) (approx 10 weeks)

K2 Robbie

An inquisitive and friendly black and white male. (approx 10 weeks)

K3 Max

A charming little tabby male – so friendly, loving and playful – older kitten of approx 6 months.

K3 Macy

A very affectionate, loving and beautiful natured female tortie older kitten of about 9 months – gets on with all kittens and cats.

K4 Aria

A gorgeous ginger and white female kitten – very playful and friendly.

K4 Skylar

A pretty gentle natured cuddly white and black kitten.

K4 Zion

A handsome ginger and white male kitten – sibling to Aria and gorgeous character – very playful

K5 Henry

A biscuit and white very friendly male…around 6 to 7 months. 

K6 Mike

A gorgeous natured and striking black n white kitten

K6 Sirius

A tabby and white kitten with loads of character

K7 Fleur

A pretty little female with gorgeous eyeliner.

K7 Kahlo

A beautiful and playful kitten

K7 Minnie

A gorgeous white and black kitten with playful nature

K7 Zac

A handsome ginger and white quizical boy

K8 Mia

A strikingly beautiful tri-colour female – gentle natured and cuddly

K8 Fanta

A playful ginger and white.

K9 Denzel

A beautiful eyes and loving personality

K9 Selina

An  inquisitive and affectionate Tabby and white female

K9 Rizzo

A playful and friendly Tabby and white female with tabby face

K9 Denzel

A beautiful eyes and loving personality

K10 Mouse

A unusual biscuit female – a little shyer than her sister but still very loving.

K10 Millie

Very very affectionate and loving

K11 Kiki, Evie, Cassie

Very outgoing and affectionate female kitties with cute and quirky ways

K12 Poncho

Incredibly affectionate and talkative adult ginger boy

K13 Frankie

A very special little boy with lots of character

K13 Tony

Very very talkative and affectionate.

Please email us or call us to make a time to come view these precious babies and meet your next best friend. 031 764 1212 adoption@kloofspca.co.za

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