When a report was received about two dogs tied to a tree by a short rope without access to water and shelter, it was time to take swift action.

On the 4th of January 2020, a concerned member of the public contacted our SPCA to report that two dogs were seen tied to a tree on short ropes.

Our inspectorate team were immediately dispatched to investigate. Inspector Abrams and Field Officer Simamane issued an immediate warning to the owner to release the dogs as there was no reason that they should be tied up in a fully fenced property. Failing to do so would result in further action.

On returning to the property the next day, Inspector Abrams found that, not only were the dogs still tied with short ropes but, also, they had no access to food and water. In terms of the law, the owner had contravened three offences of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962. This called for immediate action.

 On the 6th of January 2020, Abrams obtained a warrant to remove Rusty and Otis and be placed in our care. At first the dogs were overwhelmed by their new surroundings but, with frequent walks, warm beds and tasty treats, they adjusted well and were soon ready to be put up for adoption.

After their 54 day stay with the Kloof & Highway SPCA, Rusty and Otis were adopted together and moved on to begin their new lives with people who now love and care for them.

 A HUGE thank you to the caring member of the public who reported this cruelty! Our SPCA is the voice for the animals in our community and your support is needed daily so that our inspectorate team can continue helping dogs like Rusty and Otis.

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