Story of the month!

This tiny little malnourished puppy was picked up next to a rubbish dump by a kind gentleman who thought the lifeless body was beyond saving – but when he saw a flick of the tail, he picked it up and rushed it to our SPCA.

On arrival, the team quickly admitted him to our Clinic where they immediately administered a drip. No one was sure if he would make it through the night. He had severe mange and he was in a serious condition.

But this little chap had other ideas. He was a survivor and he wanted to live. When the staff arrived the next morning, they were greeted by a slightly happier and more perky puppy. They decided to name him Scrappy Doo – partly because of the scrap heap he was found on and partly because the healthier he got, the more he squiggled and shook with happiness. It was not long before Scrappy had wormed his way into everyone’s hearts.

After receiving the correct nutrition, veterinary care, and lots of love, Scrappy was a transformed dog. He sprung to life with such energy it was difficult to believe this was the same animal.  His gentle yet energetic nature endeared him to everyone he came into contact with. There was nothing Scrappy did not love – from food, to cats, to toys, he loved it all. After a long stay at our SPCA Scrappy Doo has found his home.  We were overjoyed.

He has gone to a family who are delighted to welcome him into their home. True to form, he went out our doors with that little tail still wagging. We are grateful to have played a part in this awesome story. Go well Scrappy-Doo and we know you will stay in touch and we will still be part of your journey.

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