We have so many precious kitties looking for homes. Please email us at adoption@kloofspca.co.za or call us on 031 764 1212 to make a time to come view these beauties and meet your next best friend. Please contact us to find out about our dogs that are ready for adoption.

K1 – Malibu

An a adorable petite 8 week old female kitten

K1 Hershey

A gorgeous 8 week old male kitten

K2 Quinn

8 month old female tortie, is so affectionate and loving. Beautiful nature and gets on with other cats.

K2 Cola

Sweet natured gentle male kitten of 5 months. Striking eyes and so gentle he keeps his claws in and loves to snuggle.

K3 Mason

9 month old male tux. Mason is the perfect combination of loving and playful. He is such a friendly boy and is waiting patiently to be chosen and also very affable with other cats and kittens.

K4 Frank 

4 months old gentle long haired ginger male.

K4 Jack

4 months old – very playful and loving -gets on with other kittens and cats.


K5 Vera – 5 month old tortie female. Vera is so tame and loving and just wants to purr and sit on your lap. Also playful, very much a kitty who wants to be near her person.

K5 Kaia – Tortie, delightful little 5 month old sister of Vera, Also very loving and wants to be near to purr, cuddle and play. These girls are so gentle yet playful.

K6 Nic

A gorgeous little character who loves to play.

K7 Zion

Zion is a delightful ginger and white male of 7 months. He is handsome, quirky and playful and just wants to be near – very engaging. He has had two reserves fall though and really needs a loving home who will no doubt find him endearing.

K7 Stella

Stella is such a fun character. She loves to play and will also reach out for your love and attention and purr in thanks when you give her any attention. An unusual older kitten of 8 months who will love you totally.

K7 Tony

Incredibly friendly male tux of 9 months – gets on with all other cats and is loving and playful. He has sadly had a reserve cancelled when smaller and then been overlooked and we can’t understand why as he will make a wonderful pet, he is responsive and will come up to greet you if you have been out. Tony is waiting to meet you.

K8  The Cat

This adult male tabby was rescued and then brought in and surrendered when his rescuer too had to move. Everyone who spends any time with The Cat is taken with his personality. He is a striking cat and yet he is such a cuddly cat who is happy to be held and sit in you arms looking up at you and purring his contentment to love and be loved.

K9 Ezra

16 weeks old Tick tabby with white – the friendliest little female who will steal your heart! So full of love.

K9 Cruz

18 weeks old Tabby and white boy who has beautiful eyes and markings on his back. Very friendly and loving.

K10 Butternut and Pumpkin

These two ginger kittens of 10 weeks are both females. Just beautiful. Butternut has the collar on so that you can tell the difference between these siblings.

K11 Ed

About 20 weeks. Ed is a biscuit tabby boy. He is quite content to be lifted and carried around so would be great with kids. He gets on with other cats and has a lovely nature.

K11 Ebony

This little black female kitten of 18 weeks is sure to steal your heart if you are a fan of black cats. The sweetest personality.

K12 Grace

Grace is a very beautiful young female adult. Sadly two reserves have fallen through although both people were so keen on adopting Grace after meeting her, each one had their personal circumstances prevent them adopting. Grace loves to chat and is very interested in what is going on around her. She loves to be stroked and will greet you when she sees you. Grace is waiting for the right person to choose her.

K13 Carol

Pretty long haired female adult who came in as a stray and sadly no one has claimed her.

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