Happiness is a humble person with a quiet and compassionate demeanour, who quietly goes about her day, singing gently, never complaining and taking such good care of our kittens and cats.

Happiness goes about her work with the commitment and dedication that makes her our Hero. Thank YOU Happiness! Our kittens and cats are in the best hands – Happinesses hands.

She started working at the Kloof and Highway SPCA in 2007 in our tea garden. In 2012 she moved to working in our Boarding Section and when that closed, she moved to the Stray Kennels and ensured the kennels were kept clean. Happiness started working in the cattery in 2017 and has grown to love the kittens and cats.

Whilst cleaning, she often talks to the kittens and cats, reassuring them and playing with them whilst going about her duties. She is kept very busy as she cleans the entire cattery with each enclosure needing to be fully cleaned and sterilised, litter trays emptied and replaced, food bowls cleaned and refilled, blankets washed and fresh ones put onto the kitty beds. We are so grateful to have her working at our cattery.

Pictured above is Happiness with Branson from K3, who she has become very fond of and is up for adoption. And she is also shown giving Mittens some love and reassurance. Mittens is also up for adoption (K4)

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