There are different definitions of a hero, but in our eyes this person is a hero.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA is only able to uphold our mandate because of the silent heroes, the behind-the-scenes heroes and the ones who do the invisible work.

This gentleman is on his feet all day dealing with the public. He greets each person as if they were the first; he thanks them on behalf of the Kloof and Highway SPCA.

He carries and loads and off loads sometimes heavy items. He can work in 38 degrees or pouring rain, but his attitude does not change. Some people are very rude, and others can be downright nasty, but he remains the same. These donations are what generate the very important funding for our Village Green and Thrift Shops. Without donations we have nothing.

Mondli is our SPCA hero. Quiet and assuming he is loyal, responsible and dedicated to his job and most importantly he has moral integrity. Thank you Mondli.

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