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On 9 September 2020, Inspectorate Assistant Philani Nzama rushed out to collect an injured puppy from Kwadabeka, after the owner contacted Kloof & Highway SPCA requesting assistance.

Inspector Philani arrived on site to find a 7-month-old crossbreed male puppy called Spoti with a wire snare still embedded into the deep wound around his front paw.

According to the owner, Spoti had been missing for almost two weeks before he returned to the premises, injured and dehydrated. Philani rushed Spoti to our clinic where our veterinarian and clinic staff sedated him so that they could cut the wire off his paw and treat the deep wound. The pup’s wound was cleaned, bandaged, and he received pain medication and anti-biotics.

This lovely, gentle dog looks happier every day and will be reunited with his grateful owner as soon as his wound has healed. Our dedicated clinic staff are monitoring his progress daily and he is receiving lots of attention and love from everyone at our Clinic.

We would like to make the public aware of the dangers of snares and the immense pain and suffering they cause. Please be alert when walking out in a bushy area and remove snares immediately if spotted or alert your nearest SPCA.

For all animal welfare concerns, complaints and animals in distress, please contact the Kloof & Highway SPCA Inspectorate during office hours on (031) 764 1212, email: / or for after-hours emergencies, phone our emergency number on 073 335 9322.

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