Cindy and Boots – a love story

From childhood, we all know that ‘once upon a time’ is how every good story begins.  And this story follows through about a small black dog found tied to another dog which had died.

Completely entangled, unable to move, traumatised and scared, she was thankfully rescued and brought in to us.  We’d recently lost a staff member who’d brought sunshine into everyone’s lives, so we passed on her name – Cindy – to this little dog.

Canine Cindy carried on her namesake’s tradition of bringing sunshine into everyone’s lives, steadily creeping into all our hearts.  And eventually, grown in confidence, Cindy was ready for adoption.

Enter the heroes of this story – a caring couple looking to provide a loving home for a dog. As in all rewarding fairy tales, it was love at first sight on both sides.

This could have been ‘the end’, but it wasn’t!

In a second chapter of this story, someone in a shopping centre parking lot heard pitiful crying coming from the boot of a car, and waited for the driver to return.

Once confronted, he handed over the terrified little dog, and again she was brought to us. Boots, as she affectionately became known, grew into a vivacious, cheeky and opinionated character, loved by all.

When Cindy’s owners came back to visit us they decided to adopt Boots.  Boots went home with her new family, where she’s now best friends with Cindy.

All that’s left to say is, ‘they lived happily ever after.’

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