The worst effects of lockdown has been seen among the poorer communities where many lost their only source of income.

From June to August 2020 Kloof & Highway SPCA Inspectorate team assisted by our manager and colleagues, delivered 12 truckloads of pet food and blankets, to many disadvantaged communities, where animal owners are battling financially including, Inchanga, Cliffdale, Inanda Valley, Molweni, Mophela, KwaXimba and Bux Farm, bordering on Cliffdale.

Thanks to our gracious donors, we could distribute basic food items to the animal owners to help feed them and their families. Over 1200 animals were inspected, some dewormed and treated for ticks and fleas, as well as fly bites. Animal owners were educated on basic animal care and advised about the importance of vaccinations and sterilisation. The team also distributed books and pamphlets on Rabies, animal diseases and how to care for dogs and cats. These all included our SPCA’s emergency no. and as a result, 56 animals were signed over to our SPCA and 15 animals received veterinary treatment.

Our goal is to sterilise as many animals as possible under our continuous Outreach programs.

In Mkhizwane, a remote rural area, where most animal owners have no transport, our Field Officers educated owners on animal care and vaccinated 198 dogs and 15 cats against Rabies.

The Kloof & Highway SPCA would like to give special thanks to our wonderful supporters and donors who have made it possible for us to not only help the animals in our care, but so many animals in our community where the owners are really battling financially at this time.

Without your loyal support we cannot continue the fight to prevent cruelty against animals and relieve suffering. Every donation changes the life of an animal!

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