Qurbani August 2020

Dedicated to the cause. Dedicated to uphold anti-cruelty.

On the 1st and 2nd of August 2020, a dedicated team from the Kloof & Highway SPCA comprised of 9 staff members, 6 qualified Inspectors, 3 Field Officers and an Inspectorate Assistant headed out to monitor the welfare and slaughtering of approximately 1175 sheep, 17 goats and 53 cattle during the Muslim Festival Eid al-Adha which means “feast of the sacrifice”  better known as Qurbani.

The task entailed monitoring 6 sites to check transportation and off-loading of animals, welfare of animals in holding pens, handling and slaughtering of animals to ensure that all animals were treated humanely and that no animal was skinned before the required bleeding out time had expired. The team were on site from 7:30 until 16:00 each day and several pre-check inspections were conducted at each site prior to Qurbani.

The Kloof & Highway SPCA Inspectorate would like to thank the members of public who alert us to slaughtering in residential areas. Traditional and religious slaughtering is allowed if a permit is obtained from eThekwini Health department, (031) 311 3690 / (031) 311 3555. If our SPCA is notified of any scheduled slaughtering in our area, an Inspector is dispatched to visit the premises, check on the welfare of the animals, provide advice and educate owners to have the slaughter done as quickly and humanely as possible. The Inspector then returns on the day of slaughtering to monitor the event.

For all animal welfare concerns, complaints and animals in distress, please contact the Kloof & Highway SPCA Inspectorate during office hours on (031) 764 1212, email: controller@kloofspca.co.za / inspectorate@kloofspca.co.za or for after-hours emergencies phone our emergency number on 073 335 9322.

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