Daisy was a stray who was found by a kind man, Phillip, who posted on Facebook about the plight of this poor puppy who needed assistance and could anyone help.

Jean and Danny Nitzan saw everyone commenting on the post and they offered to collect her.

She was rescued and brought to our Kloof and Highway SPCA on Saturday 2 October 2021 by Jean and Danny. Field Officer Eric Simamane met Jean, Danny and Daisy. Daisy was admitted to our clinic immediately, she was warm, had food and water and was safe. Dr Caryl and our Clinic team did a full clinic examination of Daisy and she started her treatment immediately. As neglected as she was and riddled with mange she still had a spirit and a spark.

Our Clinic team monitored Daisy closely and all our staff wanted to find Daisy her extra special home once she had healed. We cannot save every animal, but we wanted to make a difference in Daisy’s life after her terrible start in life. After 2 months our sweetest Daisy transformed into a confident, goofy loveable girl who loved giving lap cuddles and licks! 2 months of daily treatment, an excellent diet of Hill’s Pet Nutrition and lots of walks and cuddles from our dedicated team of volunteers and staff and Daisy was ready to find her forever home! Sadly, Daisy was still waiting in our kennels at Christmas and we were so sad that she had not gone to her forever home for Christmas.

Jean and Danny always enquired after Daisy and could not believe that no one had adopted this incredible dog that was now totally healed, and gorgeous looking to match her beautiful personality. They felt a bond with Daisy and could not bear to see her in the kennels waiting and looking out wondering who would choose to take her home. They decided to make their current family of pets larger and came through to apply to adopt Daisy. Daisy has joined the family has settled in beautifully. She gets on with the other pets and is living her best life! Jean and Danny made the choice to rescue her originally and then to love her forever and in turn she loves them totally. Daisy will also be close enough to visit her friends at the SPCA who watched her transform from the neglected puppy into the adorable dog she is now.

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