It wasn’t the usual call out

Most of our calls for help are about domestic animals in trouble.

This call was about a stray female giraffe in distress – she was stuck in mud.

We couldn’t respond to this call alone.  Associates, game ranger Matthew Grant and manager, Michelle Grant of Phezulu Reserve, were approached to help, along with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

It was a team rescue.  The giraffe was released from the mud and tranquillised by a wildlife vet, so that it could be safely returned to the semi-urban property from which it had escaped.

What was found at this private property were unsuitable conditions for keeping a wild animal restrained – and a second giraffe.  There were also no legal requirements for the giraffes to be captive there.

The owner was advised and given a warning by the Kloof and Highway SPCA to improve the enclosure as well as information on the correct nutrition to be given to the two animals.

Sadly, the female giraffe died two days after being rescued.  As a result, we’ve opened a case of Animal Cruelty.

The reality is that wild animals aren’t suited to being pets in captivity.  They are born into the wild which is their natural habitat, and which supplies them with their natural healthy diet.

On a happier note, the male giraffe was sent to Phezulu game Reserve and named ‘Freedom’.  He now lives a happy life, roaming free in the wild as he should be.

Our sincere thanks go to Phezulu Game Reserve, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and the wildlife Veterinarian for their expertise and assistance on this occasion.