The Kloof and Highway SPCA received a complaint of a dog tied up on a short rope in the Embo area and Inspector Israel Silevu was dispatched on Saturday, 19 September 2020.


When Inspector Silevu arrived at the property in Riverview, Embo, he found a dog tied up with a short rope that had created severe wounds around the neck area. He found that the living conditions were not acceptable as the dog did not have adequate shelter or access to food and water and was suffering immensely due to the untreated wound on its neck.

The dog, a Male Tan and White Africanis was named Rex. Rex‘s owner was not at home, however a family member who was, gave him the owners contact number. Inspector Silevu contacted the owner and explained that Rex needed immediate veterinary attention and that his living conditions were unactable. The owner did not want Inspector Silevu to take Rex to the Kloof and Highway SPCA for treatment even after Inspector Silevu explained the severity of the pain and suffering Rex was feeling and that he would be prosecuted, he declined and was adamant he would treat his own dog and did not care if he was prosecuted.

Luckily the family member who was home with Rex took pity on him. He understood that he had to take action in order to help Rex and allowed Inspector Silevu to remove Rex and take him to the Kloof and Highway SPCA. Rex was taken to our clinic and examined by our vet at the time Dr. Ramnanam who found that Rex had a laceration around his neck which was approximately 4cms deep cutting into the skin and muscular tissue, leaving the whole neck raw, infected and bleeding. This was caused due to a rope that was tied to Rex’s neck when he was a puppy and never loosened as he grew.

Rex also had a deep laceration to the sheath of his penis as well as broken teeth and a severe flea infestation. Due to the severity of Rex‘s injuries it was evident that he had been suffering unnecessarily with open infected wounds, the rope cutting deeper into the wound around his neck, broken teeth and no veterinary care. All these issues would have caused continuous pain and suffering whenever Rex moved. Sadly, the decision was made to humanly euthanise Rex due to the severity of his injuries and a case of animal cruelty was opened up against his owner by Inspector Silevu.

After 2 years of court visits as well as Inspector Silevu continuously following up on his case after it had been “withdrawn” and being shifted from pillar to post as well as hitting several dead ends and not being taken seriously – on 23 May 2022 JUSTICE WAS SERVED FOR REX!

The accused, Mr. Bongani Shabalala was found guilty as charged and sentenced to 12 months in prison or a R4000 fine and a denial of ownership of animals for 5 years.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA would like to thank the Prosecutor and Judge who understood the severity of the offense as well as acting swiftly and ensuring justice for Rex. As the Judge had asked Mr. Shabalala “If this was your child you would not let it suffer?” The Judge also commended Inspector Silevu for following up on his case from start to finish and not giving up as this shows we are dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals as well as thanking the Kloof and Highway SPCA for our work ensuring justice was served for Rex!

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