This is the only way we can describe what our communities and other areas of KZN went through with the recent floods.

In the initial stages, our Inspectorate Team did not hesitate and headed out into different outlying areas where they knew people and their animals had been hit the hardest. Where their vehicles had no access due to the damaged roads they ventured on foot.

Inspector Petros Simamane found a family who had lost everything and had a litter of puppies. They immediately handed them over to our care knowing they could not look after them. Our Inspectorate Team gave food, water and blankets to many families with pets and where necessary they helped build some shelters and secure the properties for their animals.

A team of 12 Inspectors and Staff went to the rural Molweni area to help the animals in this affected community, distributing food and blankets and our Veterinarian was part of the team so that he was able to treat any animals needing our help. This has been made possible by the support of our generous community and supporters. We will continue our Outreach into the different areas. As long as we have the determination and you the community supporting us, we will strive to continue to be there for all these animals.

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