We have so many precious animals looking for homes. Please email us at adoption@kloofspca.co.za or call us on 031 764 1212 to make a time to come view these beauties and meet your next best friend. Please contact us to find out about our other dogs and puppies that are ready for adoption.

C3 Jessie

Sweet natured sterilised female tabby who plays and loves her sister, Jade. This pair are so affectionate towards people and each other.

C3 Jade

Delightful stetilised tortie female of just under a year who is very loving and playful.


C11 Onyx 

A striking tabby male of approximately 2 years old who has a stunning personality.



Peaches is a 2 year old Hound Cross looking for her new family. Peaches is a calm and gentle soul that will happily lay down for a nap in the sun. In true Hound style, Peaches can be a vocal dog when trying to tell you how she feels!

K1 Bazil

Bazil is a very talkative and charismatic ginger sterilised boy of approximately 9 months. He so wants to be in the company of people or a special person who he can shower with love. This boy so deserves a forever home.


K2 Quinn

Sweet natured and loving Quinn is waiting to be your next best friend. She has beautiful qualities and will bowl you over with her affection. She gets on with other cats.


K2 Cola

Gentle natured boy who will purr non stop once he is in your arms. this little boy will become a wonderful companion and loving pet given the chance to show you how amazing he is. Just look into those eyes!


C11 Mila

This is Onyx’s mom and is a long haired beautiful stetilised female. Both are very loving and friendly.


K3 Mason

Endearing 11 month sterilised tux boy who gets on well with other cats. He makes sure not to scratch when picked up and is very good with children. He loves to jump up in the air after toys and will even fetch toys to bring back to you. A wonderful family member and will bring hours of joy to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him. He has the advantage of still playing like a kitten, but no scratching and will also sit and cuddle with you.


K4 Asher Cismo and Gizmo

Adorable kittens 8 weeks old.

K58 Mila

Mila is a 3 year old Africanis looking for her forever home. Mila is a typical Africanis who will be a loyal companion and has a special way of showing you exactly how she feels using her body and facial expressions to do it.

K5 Maple

Female ginger kitten of four months. Just so eager to be loved and to give back affection. Maple is delightful and as a ginger female is also unusual.

K6 Nic

Nic loves to play and if given a toy will entertain you endlessly. Heis waiting for his person to find him and give him the second chance he so deserves. Nic is unaware of just how gorgeous he is! Quirky little soul.

K52 Bingo

Bingo is a 18 month old Male Lab Cross PBT looking for his new home. Bingo is a very energetic dog and will need basic training. He loves going for runs and meeting new friends! Bingo is a gentle giant.

K9 Olive

Striking little tortie kitten of 9 weeks.

K57 Ella

Ella is a 5 year old Corgi Cross looking for her new home. Ella has had a rocky start to he life but has so much love left to give. She loves going for walks and enjoys just being in the presence of others. She is extremely well socialised and gets on with every single dog she meets.

K9 Raven

Striking little black kitten of 9 weeks.

K64 Kerrie

Kerrie is a 6 month old Africanis looking for her new family. Kerrie is the softest, calmest puppy and will happily lay on her back for some tummy scratches or a nap.

K11 Butler

Handsome, friendly fluffy male kitten.

 K51 Jeffrey

Jeffery is a 3 year old Africanis looking for his new home. Jeffrey has a lot of energy and loves going for walks and runs. Jeffrey loves meeting new people and dogs alike and would need some basic training. He loves having treats and playing with his favourite squeeky ball.

K11 Sushi

Very pretty, lovable, little female kitten.

K8 Liam and Marble

Playful and loving kittens

K11 Swirl

Loving, pretty, little female.

K10 Lillibeth

The sweetest little mommy who so deserves a loving home of her own.

K10 Gus

Beautiful kitten

K10 Cattan and Austin

Beautiful kittens

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