Our Kloof and Highway were privileged to host a successful Outreach Clinic from 4-7 October 2022, sterilising 130 dogs and cats! 

The clinic was held during International Animal week which was very fitting as sterilisation is vital to stopping the suffering of unwanted litters and an important part of animal welfare.

The main focus of our Outreach Clinic was on sterilisations however, our Inspectorate Team also had the opportunity to reach people in the Dassenhoek area to provide basic animal health treatment. The Inspectors provided vital education on basic health care for their pets and livestock and advised them on how to report cruelty. An awareness of the growing threat of Rabies to their pets and family was also created.

We are so grateful to our team of staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make such a difference in the lives of 130 animals, no more unwanted litters, no more litters left to fight starvation or suffer cruelty and 130 animals who will be happier and healthier for the rest of their lives.

Our Outreach Clinic would not have been made possible without YOU our donors, sponsors, supporters and members of the public and very supportive community members – we cannot thank you enough for helping our Kloof and Highway SPCA and changing the lives of animals!

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