Did you know that Natal is currently experiencing an increase in rabies cases?

At The Kloof and Highway SPCA from 5th January to 5th March we had 8 dogs and 1 cat test positive for rabies, a total of 9 cases in 60 days as compared to only 3 in the year of 2020.

In KZN there have been 2 human deaths this year and that is 2 too many. It is imperative to check all your animals are up to date with their rabies vaccines. We also ask you to please be careful when catching a stray.

Try and have minimum contact with the dog’s saliva and if you feel at all threatened or unsafe rather call the SPCA to assist. Rabies is not always your typical aggressive animal frothing at the mouth. Rabies is a fascinating disease that has many disguises.

Unless you are very experienced with the disease never assume and if exposed seek immediate treatment and do not delay.

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