The Kloof and Highway SPCA received a call on Monday afternoon, 01 February 2021.

Field Officer Sibonelo Gasa immediately rushed to an abandoned railway tunnel in Milkyway, Dassenhoek.

A security guard had reported that he had heard a dog crying at night, for about a week, and the crying seemed to be coming from the top of the tunnel. Upon arrival Field Officer Gasa realised that the ladder he had with him was totally inadequate to reach the top of the tunnel. He spent an hour in the area trying to find a way to climb to the top, but it was impossible. He tried calling the dog, but it was quiet. He left his contact details with the security guard and asked him to please phone immediately if and when any of the guards heard the dog crying again.

The next morning Field Officer Gasa received a call from the security guard to say that they could hear the dog crying again. He quickly loaded our tallest ladder he could find and accompanied by Inspectorate Assistant Philani Nzama, they rushed to rescue the dog. It took almost an hour to position and get the ladder to reach the top of the tunnel which is between 20 to 30m high, then they saw a tan and black male Africanis dog. Thankfully, the dog had had access to water from a small stream of water flowing from a nearby rock.

The dog was weak, clearly in distress and very scared. Slowly Field Officer Sibonelo Gasa and Inspectorate Assistant Philani Nzama were able to gain the dogs trust and were able to get him into a position to lift him safely over the edge and onto the ladder. Slowly and one step at a time, and another hour later, Philani and the Africanis was safely on the ground with the help of Sibonelo and two security guards.

The traumatised medium sized dog ate greedily when they offered him something to eat and was immediately taken to our Kloof and Highway SPCA and admitted to our Clinic to be examined by our Veterinarians and Clinic team. Our Inspectorate team think that the Africanis fell down an embankment next to the railway station, where some houses are situated, into a gorge and onto the roof of the tunnel.

The lucky Africanis was monitored by our compassionate Clinic team and received lots of love and care. We have named him Qhawe, which means Hero, as he is a Hero to all of us for surviving.

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