On the 11th March the Kloof and Highway SPCA, together with Volunteers from our community, met 36 donkeys, who were admitted into our care.

These donkeys were destined to be slaughtered for the cruel donkey skin trade.

Fortunately for these donkeys, a vigilant member of the public immediately sensed something was not right when she saw the donkeys being transported on crowded trucks. Her swift action in reporting her concerns to the closest police station and SPCA, resulted in 101 donkeys being taken into safe keeping. When the owner of the donkeys failed to lay claim to them, the court ruled that the donkeys become the property of the NSPCA.

These beautiful donkeys, which included foals, arrived in a sad state; their emotional well-being must have been at an all-time low as they had been moved so many times. They were unused to the feeling of the warmth of the human touch; humans had let them down. They were traumatised and yet there was a glimmer of hope that they would trust again. We have been treating them all for chronic parasite infestation, worms, lack of the correct nutrition as well as the wounds to their legs and in some cases their necks. One donkey had a tight rubber shackle around its leg, which had to be cut and removed whilst under sedation.

Every donkey has received a rabies inoculation, de-worming and has been micro chipped. Each donkey has had a thorough Vet check and the staff spend time with them on a daily basis, checking on their progress. Our staff , volunteers, wonderful members of our community and the public have visited, cared for and spoilt these donkeys and we have had an outpouring of support for them…. to see their condition improve has been absolutely amazing.

Some of the donkeys have already been adopted into loving homes, and others will be homed as their conditions improve. The awful fate and death that they were destined for is already a distant memory for these special donkeys.

Thank YOU to everyone who has helped us help our donkeys, no animal deserves to be exploited in such an inhumane manner.

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