(Left)Kingston before he left the SPCA and(right)snuggling with a new friend in his new home.

Hanged in a tree and left to die

Why would anyone hang an innocent puppy in a tree and leave him to die?

We don’t know and can’t imagine why – but someone did.

Whether it was his indomitable spirit or the speed with which Field Officer, King Ndimande, untied the lifeless body pumping and massaging the little chest until he started breathing again, it’s still a miracle that he survived.

After his rescue he remained deeply traumatised, cowering in a corner petrified of any human approach . . . screaming when touched.  In his eyes, we stood for the perpetrator of his barbaric treatment.

Yet slowly, very slowly, his natural character emerged, becoming our teacher.  As he regained trust, there was a small wag of his tail, fewer and quieter yelps, until we knew eye to eye that he’d given humans a second chance.  Displaying such generosity after all that he’d been through has been a lesson for all of us.

Field officer, King Ndimande is the hero in this story, so it’s only fitting that the pup was named after him – Kingston.

If only you could have seen the transformation that your gifts make possible for a dog like Kingston.  He came in as a limp little body after his traumatic experience.  But his spirit didn’t give up.

Because animal friends like you cared, he could be treated, fed, cared for and nurtured so that his trust of humans was regained.  Kingston grabbed his second chance at life.  And now a confident, playful and affectionate dog, he’s been adopted and is living his second chance to the full.

We thank you – for your kindness; and the Jones family for adopting him.  Together you’ve made Kingston and all of us at the Kloof & Highway SPCA very happy.