It’s in your power to report animal cruelty.

Anyone can call in to their SPCA and report animal cruelty and abuse.  Here are the steps that are followed:

  • The SPCA would get as much information from the caller as possible about the cruelty being reported.  This would include the address, and the caller’s information, so the Inspector can report his or her findings to the complainant once they have investigated.


  • All cruelty complaints must be investigated within 24 hours. The inspector has seven days in which to report his findings to the complainant.  The reason is they may have to go back a few times to ensure the owner has complied with their requests before the case can be finalised or taken further.


  • When a court case is opened, the inspector compiles a docket with all the necessary information regarding the complaint.  There will be an affidavit from the inspector, which is vitally important as this essentially describes the exact events that took place from the time the complaint was received.  In the docket will also be warnings that were issued, a copy of the Animal Protection Act, a list of charges as well as denial of ownership, our costs, photographic evidence, and an affidavit from an expert witness (which could be a veterinarian) and their reports.


  • This docket is taken to the South African Police Service office where the incident took place and a case is opened and a case number issued. The investigating officer will obtain witness statements, and interview the accused, before referring the case to the Senior Public Prosecutor, who will decide if we can prosecute.  If we are prosecuting, a first appearance court date will be set and we will be notified.


Your awareness, your action and your donations count in stopping animal cruelty. Use your right to speak and act for the animals who can’t defend themselves.  And perhaps you might even like to make a contribution towards our work by clicking here now.